Background Info

Zhiro is Reichi's, the leader of Rebels, fourth best person who join in the Rebels after wondering around from out of nowhere for a long time. When he joined, he further help Reichi, Coroji, and Aita create Rebels into a more organized organization. He is the fifth strongest member of the Rebels. He fights in a group with Reichi, but was split as a leader of most of the Rebels to go against Suoje and Ming of team Heroes while Reichi his friend Aita go against Zhenwu of team Heroes and try to breakthrough into the village.


member of Rebels


The way he fights with his katana seems like he is a samurai, but we are unsure if he is or not. He is good at using his katana especially when he went up against Suoje who brought out his sword to start the sword fight.

Skills List