Background Info

Zhenwu is the main character of the story, Oshoku. He is from the clan, Zhinto, so his full name is Zhenwu Zhinto. Ever since he was a little kid, he hates the corruption that lies within the people. Because of that, he focused on becoming the strongest ninja so that he can take out the corruption one by one that lies among the people. He does not want the corruption to spread in his beloved Hidden Lantern Village. Therefore, he is determined to make his dream come true, however, there are tough paths waiting ahead of him.


member of the Hidden Lantern Village, leader of Heroes, member of Zhinto clan


He is known to have the most powerful skills, but is that true? He possess powerful elements of fire and lightning, but was soon disabled after the special mission against the Rebels. During his battle against the Rebels, he awakened his Dark Eye that improves his accuracy and dodge chance. He possess the element of wind after finding out his 2 elements were disabled int the Lantern festival. Learning the wind element wasn't easy when it took about a few weeks or months to master it. Although he learned how to use wind, he want's to make use of it so he also learned how to use needles from his teacher, Eruki, who also is his childhood friend. The tournament now awaits him.

Skills List

Wind Release: Twister, Wind Touch, Wind Blade Crossings, Dispersion, Taifu
Fire Release: Inferno Clone Jutsu, Fire Touch
Lightning Release: Lightning Touch, Lightning Boost
Taijutsu: Intercept