Background Info

He first makes his appearance in the tournament where Jin, Zhenwu, Pac, and the other participants are participating. It is unknown why he comes here to participate in, but what we do know is that he is from the Hidden Ocean Village. He must have a reason for coming to this PvP tournament.


member of Hidden Ocean Village, member of Wuto clan


He uses water ninjutsu, most of which provides him support and defense. When his targets are off guard, that is when he strikes his opponents and defeat them. Even though he may be injured badly in battle, he can easily use his healing water skills to help him heal. A very difficult person to go up against, especially when his skills are made into a loop where all the cooldowns follow after another into a loop which he can use his skills again.

Skills List

Water Release: Qulake, Water Strangle, Water Wall, Bounce, Jet Cannon, Refresh, Shark Swallow, Shark Fang