Background Info

Reichi created an organization called Rebels. This was after he oppose the decisions Kage Yudai made in the Hidden Lantern Village. From then on, he leads his Rebels into invading the Hidden Lantern Village to destroy something within the village. However, before he can do that, he met Zhenwu and his team that brought interference to him and his plans.


EX member of the Hidden Lantern Village, leader of Rebels


He carries around with him 2 long blades that are good for accuracy, but later he lost them both when he goes against Zhenwu. However, that doesn't stop him. He is a Mao user that increases his agility and accuracy chance. With this talent he has, he became an even match against Zhenwu.

Skills List

MAO: Tri-Burst, MAO Boost, Bursting Cannon Fist, Cross Back Slash