Background Info

He is known to be a professional boxer who has a reason to fight. With that reason to fight, he continues to box. He is the person who Zhenwu, Ming, and Suoje encountered when they were little. He saved from from getting further hurt by a bully down in the streets. From this day on, these 3 little kids look up to him as one of the reasons to become stronger, so they can protect others.


member of Hidden Lantern Village, member of Zhinto clan


Although he is a boxer, his agility and power proves to be equal to the strength of other ninjas and characters using ninjutsu. He mastered the technique, Kintai, which he is able to use his chakra to form into a yellow aura. This yellow aura becomes twice as big in a shape of his fists or other body parts he focuses on. With this technique, he is able to become strong like other characters who uses ninjutsu and other ninja techniques.

Skills List

Kintai: Xinjian 1