Background Info

After having to survive from the nuclear explosion from a lab far away from the Hidden Tech Village, he learned his lesson that he will never forget. From then on, he became an infamous scientist. The Hidden Tech Village saw him as too evil to have around so they kicked him out of the village. He later joined the Kagemusha. He later met Yui and had him joined Kagemusha after having seen Yui remind him of that incident that happened from the nuclear explosion. He then became partner with Yui in the Kagemusha.


EX member of Hidden Tech Village, member of Kagemusha, S-Rank criminal


He experiments with target's body like Mudo. But unlike Mudo, he doesn't experiment to find a way to match their body parts to his. Instead, he experiments the bodies to see how his testings will effect the body. He doesn't only do that, he also does many other testings as an infamous scientist.

Skills List