Background Info

Ever since the doctor refused to do surgery on him when he got badly hurt, he saw how corrupted the doctor was when he asked for money to do surgery. He sees the doctor did not care about his life, only care about money to just save him from death. The doctor left him to die. However, before Mudo dies, Kojima and Anaki arrived in front of him. They quickly saved him, by using undead body parts to replace his injuries. However, the condition of the undead body parts was not the same like it was before when he had nice skin, blood, and etc. From that day on, he decided to join Kagemusha in hoping to destroy the doctor who is corrupted along with other people especially those whose appearance is nice. He also hopes to find new body parts to do experiments on hoping that it would replace his undead body parts so that he can have real live body parts to feel alive to the world instead of feeling dead to the world. Hopefully the experiments he collects can also make him strong enough to not let that injury happen to him again in the future. He is partner with Kyotaro in the Kagemusha.


member of Kagemusha, S-rank criminal


He is known for using abnormal skills such as skills that don't mix up well, but is effective. He has very strong defense, and he can't be killed if his defense is somehow penetrated. He can't be killed because he is filled with undead body parts that are already dead.

Skills List