Background Info

Ming is friends with Zhenwu and Suoje. She met Zhenwu and Suoje on the top of the hill when she was picking up flowers for her mom. This is the place where Zhenwu and his friend plays all the time. The hill where the stone lies next to the tree is where Zhenwu saw her and befriended her. Zhenwu later introduced Ming to Suoje who ran away assuming something dangerous was up ahead when he heard something. From that day on, they grew up through their childhood and became close friends to each other as they grow up.


member of the Hidden Lantern Village, member of Heroes


She is known for using an Ice talent which is a special talent she has. Her first appearance of using her talent was during the special mission with her team, Heroes, against the Rebels.

Skills List

Water Release: Aqua Ru Wo
Ice Release: Ice Hammer Crystallization, Icy Wall