Background Info

He was the leader of the ancient warrior monks who protect the White Monks who prayed for the Hidden Lantern Village's safety. There came a day when something struck in his mind that made him decide to stop protecting the White Monks and destroy the Hidden Lantern Village. From then on, he became a top criminal with a hat on top of him with tags attached to his hat. Only Kage Yudai, ancient monk warriors, and the White Monks knows what he actually looks like. He is now a dangerous criminal to the the Hidden Lantern Village along with the Kagemusha organization he created hoping to not only destroy the Hidden Lantern Village, but also the other four villages.


EX member of the Hidden Lantern Village, leader of Kagemusha, S-Rank criminal


He is known to have extraordinary powers. He uses some sort of dark matter, but it isn't clear what it actually is. He however, has the ability to unseal with the touch of the palm of his hand. He also knows ancient techniques since he used to be one of the ancient monk warriors. He is able to summon forbidden creatures that are a danger to the villages.

Skills List