Background Info

Kiri is also one of Jin's friends. He is a very hot blooded. He always underestimates Zhenwu. What made it worst for Zhenwu is the fact that he failed the Special Mission of stopping the Rebels. So with this, Kiri's underestimating Zhenwu proves more to be a fact that he is weaker than him.


member of Hidden Lantern Village, member of Zhinto clan


No one can escape his attacks. He is also special to the Zhinto clan because of his different techniques. Like Zhinto, he is able to use fire. He is also able to use wind ninjutsu. With these two elements, what made him special to the clan is that he is able to combine these elements. With these combined elements, he is able to use a Scorch technique. Also known as Scorch Talent, a talent with fire and wind combined. This makes his attacks dangerous and hard to escape. Anyone in his way, he burns them away.

Skills List

Wind Release: Wind Chop, Wind Edge Chop, Infinity Wind Chop
Fire Release: Fire Touch
Scorch Release: Yanshen, Dupai, Heatwave, Chira