Background Info

Jin is a member of the Zhinto clan. He possess exclusive techniques of Fire ninjutsu. Most of which cannot be learned by other people. He uses a big shuriken as his weapon. Currently, he is the strongest member of his clan as he is accompanied by his friends Ekuto and Kiri. Although he is currently known to be the strongest in his clan, he is also wise with the decisions he makes.


member of Hidden Lantern Village, member of Zhinto clan


He possess powerful Fire techniques that no other Zhinto members are capable of doing. What makes his skills more unique is that most of his techniques cannot be learned by other people. However, Fire is the only element he possess, no other. It is said that people can normally learn two elements, but somehow he can't learn two, only one. There is something about his Fire element that causes him to be unable to learn an additional element. However, Jin doesn't find it a problem since he is very wise in taking down his opponents in battle. Putting his element aside, he can perform more unique skills by using his big shuriken that he carries around with him most of the time.

Skills List

Fire Release: Shiken, Fire Kick, Fire Touch, Ignite, Light the World