Hidden Lantern Village

Hidden Lantern Village

Background Info

This village is also known as Ratangakure. It is known to be so beautiful every night with its lanterns. This village is also konwn for its lantern festivals. Therefore, this is how the village got its name. It is called the Hidden Lantern Village with Kage Yudai as the leader of this village. A lot of people live here and uses lanterns to light up the dark places around them. To light up, they use anything that can give them light to make the lanterns glow through the darkness. A lot of fire element users are found here in this village. Most of the fire element users come from a clan known as Zhinto, the most powerful clan. This village has a lot of old buildings that looks beautiful. Although most of these buildings are old, they still look great and traditional! This village is known to have a lot of old traditional culture to it.




  • Yudai (leader)
  • Shin
  • Genzu
  • Kenta
  • Announcer
  • Kojima (EX)
  • Anaki (EX)
  • Zhenwu
  • Suoje (EX)
  • Ming (EX)
  • Reichi (EX)
  • Coroji (EX)
  • Aita (EX)
  • Eruki
  • Jin
  • Kiri
  • Ekuto
  • Pac
  • Axel
  • Singh
  • Goober
  • +2000 people
  • Timeline