Background Info

Ekuto is one of Jin's friends. He first appears in front of Zhenwu and Eruki in the Lantern Festival. Just like Jin, he is a calm person. Although he is a calm person, he is tough like a rock.


member of Hidden Lantern Village, member of Zhinto clan


Different from Jin and Eruki, he uses Fire and Earth ninjutsu. These elements are what makes Ekuto a different from the others in the clan. With these two ninjutsu, he is able to create a very hot and rocky lava technique. This is known as the Lava Talent. A special talent he possesses. With this lava talent, he has a solid defense. Not only that, he has hot attacks that can quickly form into defense afterwards.

Skills List

Fire Release: Massive Fire Pulp
Earth Release: Kuto Golem Protection, Kuto Golem Smash, Kuto Golem Gate Release, Kuto Golem Counter Punch, 4 Night Crawlers, Kuto Golem Heavy Punch, Dan
Lava Release: Lava Shield, Pressured Lava Balls, Kuto Wu, Lava Spirits, Lava Cyclone, Solid Fist, Erupted Lava Burst