Chakras are energy enhancers. They help make a character's chi become more powerful. However, if a character wants to make their chi powerful, they have to go through 7 levels of chakra. Each chakras have different colors, so when a character's chi reaches to a specific chakra level, their transparent chi will change to a matching color of their chakra level. The higher their level of chakra is, the more powerful their chi becomes. A character can create powerful techniques or make their ordinary technique powerful with their chi. A character may even awaken their full potential as they reach a higher chakra level.

Types of Chakra

There are two types of chakras. Light and Dark chakra. There are differences between the Light and Dark chakra. The colors of the 7 chakras will be bright for Light chakra, while the colors of the 7 chakras will be dark for Dark chakra. Light chakra is created by positive emotions, while Dark chakra is created by negative emotions. When it comes to this, if a character wants to improve their chi energy further, they have to stay determined with their emotions. Otherwise, health issues or failure of reaching to a higher level may occur to the character.

How to Improve Chakra

For a character to improve their chakra level, they have to go through meditation as they focus on making their chi energy powerful. While they do meditation, a character will have to use hand seals to help them focus their chi flow through their chakra state. After they master the chakra level, the character will no longer have to use those hand seals for meditation. However, they can use those hand seals to create a powerful technique based on that chakra level. The same training goes for other chakra levels, except they each have different hand seals. Not only that, as a character reaches a higher chakra level, they must have a stronger resolve or they will not go to the next level.

Now that you know about the chakras, here are the seven levels of chakras a character has to go through to make their chi energy more powerful

7 Chakras

1. Root
2. Sacral
3. Navel
4. Heart
5. Throat
6. Third Eye
7. Crown