Background Info

He is Kage Yudai's young brother. He is a stepbrother of Ken who does experiments with the Undead Marionettes in his secret underground laboratory by using Kinjutsu. After Anaki discovered how to use Kinjutsu to summon the undead secretly without letting his stepbrother know, he escaped and joined Kagemusha. When Kojima and Anaki came to attack the Hidden Lantern Village, he was considered as Kojima's servant by many villagers because they think of him as a traitor who is a slave to a top criminal, Kojima. However, Kojima doesn't see Anaki as a servant, instead, he sees him as his best member. When Kage Yudai found out his brother is in Kagemusha, he sees him as a traitor, but still wonders why he betrayed him.


EX member of Hidden Lantern Village, member of Kagemusha, S-Rank criminal


He is known for using Kinjutsu to summon the undeads from the ground. He is a very troublesome member that the villages are having difficulty killing him because of the amount of undeads he summons.

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