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What is Oshoku About?

A world where there is corruption. Why is it keep spreading? The main character, Zhenwu, keeps asking himself if there is a way to destroy it. Ever since his childhood experience, he decided to be the strongest ninja so that he can destroy that corruption! However, ahead of him is a lot of corrupted and evil enemies in his way. Will Zhenwu be able to defeat these enemies and stop the corruption from spreading? Read the manga to find out!

What Type of Manga is Oshoku?

Oshoku is a compressed manga. For most mangas, it takes 30 pages to get through a story, battle, or discussion. For Oshoku, it takes 15 pages. However, a script is provided to help guide you through the drawings if you are confused about which direction to read from and to. Not only that, the script also provide a lot of details about the drawings, to help you understand about the situation. It is optional to read the script, but sometimes you may misunderstand the situation that is going on in the drawings.

Official Oshoku Page

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